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This is the first in a series of articles on converting an inner-city terrace house into a socially and environmentally sustainable buy-to-let investment.  

The aim is to demonstrate that it’s possible to set up a lucrative small buy-to-let investment that has a positive impact on the tenants, the environment and the surrounding neighbourhood.  

The challenge is fourfold.  To create a financially viable investment with annual gross returns in the region of 10%. To generate pleasant, comfortable, convenient and affordable accommodation for people who need somewhere to live in Leeds. To significantly upgrade the energy efficiency and sustainability of a late Victorian terrace and provide secure bicycle storage and a bicycle maintenance area so that tenants can ditch their cars.  Lastly, to contribute positively to neighbourhood rejuvenation in one of Leeds’ historic, yet much neglected, inner cities.

The next article in this series will cover the process of searching for and buying an appropriate property while subsequent posts will examine the process of converting, letting out and managing the property. 

Search “sustainable housing” on google and you’ll get dozens of photos of post-modern angular structures with vertical gardens most of which appear to be in Sweden. Yet creating space for new build housing in the UK is itself environmentally destructive and a significant share of our housing stock is over 100 years old. 

The real challenge here is to create sustainable housing by converting and upgrading existing dwellings. Indeed, the logic of ‘recycling’ houses as opposed to consuming yet more carbon intensive materials for new builds, however many vertical gardens are included, has its own environmental rationale.

The standing of buy-to-let landlords in the UK is low (somewhere above politicians but below Islamic terrorists and paedophiles)! Yet creating good social housing, increasing the energy efficiency of our aging housing stock and rejuvenating our inner-city neighbourhoods constitutes a worthy and progressive mission. This vital work can only be done with the help of ethically minded small investors who are willing to invest money in such a way as to reap both social and financial rewards. 

I am Justin Vogler, I am an experienced property investor with over thirty years’ experience in the construction industry.  I offer a full range of services to anyone interested in finding, purchasing, converting and running socially and environmentally sustainable buy-to-let investments in or around Leeds. 

I hope you enjoy reading these articles and look forward to hearing from you.

Justin Vogler: 07584652517,





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