Project Management Services

On bigger more interesting jobs VPR may also be willing to act as project manager. Project Management can either be fee based or price based.

As fee based project managers VPR is nominally independent of the contractor(s) whom we supervise. Our function will be take the management of the project totally off the client’s shoulders. We run the project and deal with the headaches. We undertake to:

  • Represent the client’s best interests and get them the best value for money,
  • Ensure that projects proceed in an orderly, safe and unobtrusive manner, and
  • Ensure works are carried out and finished in the way, to the standard and within the timeframe specified.

Our services include:

  • Compiling a detailed project design including plans, scope of works and tender documents
  • Acquiring necessary permissions and liaising with Building Control and external service and utility providers
  • Nominating contractors
  • Scheduling and programming works
  • Purchasing materials not supplied by contractors
  • Commissioning furnishing and bespoke items
  • Supervising contractors and ensuring that site is kept clean and safe
  • Managing contractors and controlling quality and works
  • Ensuring that works are guaranteed and administering retainers when applicable
project management

Justin planned the work with us, then his company did it. We ended up with a beautiful house: exactly the house we wanted but could not afford to buy. Justin has an extraordinary ability to look at an existing space and see how it can be modified to fit the needs of his client.

Mr P. Clarke, Oakwood, Leeds


How VPR Project Management Works

Price-based project manager involves tendering for the whole job. VPR acts as both project manager and main contractor. On some jobs this can be the cheapest and most straightforward way of proceeding. However, anyone wishing to engage a firm on this basis should remember that restoration work on old houses is notoriously difficult to quantify and cost accurately.

Many things are only apparent once floor boards or roof slates come up or wall paper and plaster is taken off the walls. Experienced contactors deal with the inevitable unforeseen items either by padding out prices with ample contingency or by carefully delimiting what they are quoting for and leaving all other eventualities to be priced as extras. Neither practice is ideal from the client’s point of view.

VPR’s preferred modus operandi is to split the project design from the tender. We don’t offer a “free quote” but undertake detailed project design including architectural project, scope of works, quantification, scheduling and tender documents for a reasonable preliminary fee. We, and/or other firms, can then tender for the whole job on the basis of the specifications provided. There may still be incalculable costs but these should at least be identified and estimated in the tender documents.

View a Sample Project Design

The key to successful restoration project management is always flexibility. Each restoration or conversion job is different and each client’s preferred approach and circumstances are different too. For this reasons, on each project VPR tailors the contractual structure and project design to meet the specifics and peculiarities of the job.

Case Study: 1930s Semi

Roundhay, Leeds

The great thing about most semi conversions outside conservation areas is that you do not generally need planning permission. You should of course check that that what you plan is permitted development in your area and you will probably need building control supervision.

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